"I know it’s over, and it never really began, but in my heart it was so real."

The Smiths  (via 400eurojob)

acosmist - One who believes that nothing exists
paralian - A person who lives near the sea
aureate - Pertaining to the fancy or flowery words used by poets 
dwale - To wander about deliriously
sabaism - The worship of stars
dysphoria - An unwell feeling
aubade - A love song which is sung at dawn
eumoirous - Happiness due to being honest and wholesome
mimp - To speak in a prissy manner, usually with pursed lips

+ lunch and donating blood w/ mi madre.

- getting my vein popped and huge bruise.

+ sleep deprived sugarcookie-ing w/ e.


*on a date*

so haha tell me more about your dog


dogs deserve to live forever